Product Range

Product Range

There is a range of products available from Disaster Aid UK & Ireland.

The table below provides a description of each product and an indication of the cost of getting them to the scene of the disaster and into the care of a Disaster Aid Response Team. Actual costs vary according to the numbers supplied, the method of shipment, and whether or not import taxes and customs duties were incurred.

The Life Box

The LifeBox

These crates contain items such as clothes, shoes, blankets, cookware, toiletries, baby care products and essential tools.

The  crate itself is used in a multitude of ways by recipients, eg. a cot, a seat, a table, for food storage, etc.

Click here to view the typical contents of a LifeBox



Family Survival Kit

Family Survival Kit

The tent is designed to shelter a family of 8 in separable “rooms”.  It not only meets, but exceeds, standards set out by the United Nations and the Sphere Project for disaster relief products such as this.

The tent is modular and can be connected with other tents of the same specification to provide a larger shelter system to house, eg a school or similar community co-operative.

The Family Survival Kit typically contains:

  • A family dome tent with inter-connectivity feature at least meeting, and in some cases exceeding, minimum standards as set out by the United Nations and the Sphere project
  • Thermal blankets
  • Waterproof multi-use covers
  • Two water containers
  • Multi-fuel stove
  • Cooking pots and pans, dishes and utensils
  • Two mosquito nets
  • Pure soap
  • A selection of tools, rope and other survival items
  • Children’s rucksacks, notepads and pencils
  • Mobile multi-use container (the lid is designed to serve as a workbench with saw grooves and toolholder)


 The Disaster Aid Tent/Community Tent

Disaster Aid tents in a school configuration


The tent included in this kit is modular – it is able to be inter-connected with others to provide a larger system which can serve community needs (eg health station, school, information point).

Some refugee camps exist for some time, modular tents like this afford opportunities to form other community co-operatives too.

Our box, tent and the contents of the Family Survival Kit, are manufactured in( or within the surrounding districts of Shanghai, China) to International standards and Shanghai is chosen as the place of warehousing prior to deployment to disasters worldwide. Disaster Aid International take care to source suppliers who can demonstrate that they operate systems to high internationally accepted standards ( such as ISO 9000 ), we also inspect their premises to ensure that, fair pay and good working conditions are part of the culture of the company. We ensure that that there is no use of Child Labour or, any other kind of Child Exploitation.



As many as 5,000 children a day die as a result of water borne diseases. Contaminated water is responsible for harbouring life threatening diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery and bacteria. Disaster Aid International is proud to be partnering with the SkyJuice Foundation, an International not-for-profit organisation to provide a long term water solution in our suite of emergency relief products. Producing up to 10,000 litres of clean drinking water a day, we ensure survivors of disasters have access to clean water as they rebuild their lives.