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Disaster Aid UK & Ireland is formally recognised by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland
(RIBI) and is part of Disaster Aid International (DAI). DAI is an international organisation, involving Rotary Clubs around the world, that provides emergency relief to help rebuild shattered lives through the provision of vital shelter and survival systems to family units. In contrast to many other rapid-response groups, our aim is also to provide an infrastructure that allows affected communities to regain their normal lives.

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Disaster Aid International

The four cooperating members in UK & Ireland,  Australia,  USA and, most recently, Malaysia work together within Disaster Aid International to:

    • Provide aid to communities affected by disasters around the world;
    • Continually review the type of aid (see Product Range) we can provide so that it is appropriate for both immediate needs and the future demands for rebuilding stable communities;
    • Raise funds to respond to disasters;
    • Identify countries for deployment (see Deployments and Fund Raising Campaigns);
    • Coordinate aid distribution with other agencies, authorities and the United Nations Cluster System;
    • Provide training for local partners and communities in the use of aid;
    • Follow up on communities to which we have provided aid in the past.


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In the event of a deployment, Disaster Aid International will send out fully trained Disaster Aid Response Team volunteers (DARTS) to the affected country in order to:

  • Conduct an assessment of the disaster and local needs;
  • Coordinate with relevant governments, aid agencies and the affected communities to ensure that aid is deployed where most effective;
  • Manage the effective distribution of equipment, tents etc. to the sites of deployment;
  • Train members of the local community so that they can be involved in the distribution and deployment of the equipment, tents etc.;
  • Work to ensure that deployments are designed to support longer term sustainability;
  • Monitor and evaluate our deployments to ensure that both the products we are deploying as well as the means of distribution are relevant, effective and reach out to the most vulnerable.

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What Disaster Aid UK & Ireland Does

DAUKI, as part of Disaster Aid International, has a number of responsibilities which include:

  • Collective responsibility for decisions and actions undertaken by Disaster Aid International;
  • Undertaking fund raising activities to pay for the deployments and associated costs undertaken by Disaster Aid International;
  • Raising awareness worldwide with presentations, exhibitions and demonstrations;
  • Developing “Ambassadors” in the wider community to give presentations for Disaster Aid UK & I at various events;
  • Recruit and train volunteers for the deployment of aid in the event of a disaster (see DART Volunteers).


How Disaster Aid UK & Ireland works

The origins of Disaster Aid UK&I goes back to 1971 when it started as the Rotary Emergency Box Trust which then subsequently became part of Disaster Aid International in 2010. It is based within the Rotary Club of Denton and Audenshaw. The Trustees, who come from several Rotary Clubs, meet every two months. In-keeping with a tradition of volunteer involvement and empowerment within the organisation, a general meeting is also held every two months to include the other volunteers involved in organisation activities.