The Path to Becoming a DART Volunteer

Disaster Aid Response Teams (DARTs)

Our DARTs are our “Jewels in the Crown”.  These highly-trained volunteer teams make our deployments possible and bring the story back to our cities, truly making the work of this organization real.  An important part of the role of a DART is to be available to make presentations on behalf of Disaster Aid UK & Ireland.

At the present time we do not know when the next DART Training course will be held in the UK. There are likely to be courses in other countries first (e.g. Malaysia, USA, Australia, or Taiwan). Once a person has been accepted to our short list of those waiting to be trained we keep them informed of training courses being held in other partner countries so that they may choose which is the most convenient for them to attend.


What’s in the box? Our survival kit.

Lesson 1

The Path to Becoming a DART Volunteer


Step 1

First, you must assess your ability and willingness to become a DART member.

You must be:

  • Physically and emotionally capable of living in a survival situation for a two week period with minimal outside support.
  • Available for at least one deployment per year for three years.
  • Accept that we only reimburse approved and agreed expenses which excludes payment for time given as a volunteer.


Step 2

If you believe you meet these conditions, the next step is to submit an application package to be reviewed by the DART staff which includes:

Please send to Disaster Aid UK  Ireland, PO Box 209, Manchester M34 0BP.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could also send the completed electronic form directly to Jill Bates


Step 3

If your application package passes muster, you will be invited to  complete a Disclosure and Barrring Service (DBS) check.


Step 4

Once a suitable DBS report has been obtained, you will be invited to an interview.  This will probably take  by video conferencing via Skype.


Step 5

Candidates who successfully complete the interview process will be invited to attend a four-day training and assessment exercise (Part 1 Training).

  • The assessment is a field exercise to familiarize candidates with the DART program and what being a member of the team entails.
  • It also is designed to familiarize each candidate with the equipment and offer them an opportunity to use the equipment in an exercise environment.


Step 6

Candidates who successfully complete the training and assessment will be invited to attend a more comprehensive course (Part 2 Training).


Step 7

Those candidates who successfully complete the training program will be available for worldwide deployment after completing the following:

  • Documentation needed for insurance and deployment purposes;
  • Appropriate immunizations for worldwide deployment/travel.


NOTE: It is estimated it will take the average DART candidate 3 – 6 months to complete all the necessary requirements to become fully qualified for selection for deployment.